Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this is the time of digital business, and hence you require an impressive website that can grab eyeballs. Though WordPress is an open-source platform, to obtain dynamic functionalities and seamless UI, one needs to integrate some plugins. But these GPL themes, plugins, and add-ons aren’t feasible, and hence we came up with the idea to make these themes and plugins affordable and accessible for everyone. Moreover, we even provide membership plans for professionals who have plenty of things to develop the WP platform.

And there is no doubt about the quality! You get Priority support with a frequent fastest free updates. Isn’t it a good deal? So don’t wait and choose the required plugins and themes today!

Obviously yes! Our all products are free from spyware and malware. We have associations with genuine developers and redistribute the products. Nothing is altered in the product, and only a few changes are made to some products which require activation before installation and integration. Such requisites are already mentioned in the description of the product. So, check the description for information on this subject.

You don’t need to do anything in this case. This field is added for auto-update of the plugin, registration for tech support. You will be able to install and integrate the product easily without entering any registration code. You can even update it manually.

Well, we can assist if there is any problem from our end. For integrating the theme/plugin/add-on to your website, you need to do it yourself. You can check the documentation for help or a technically sound person who has some knowledge about WordPress development. You can check some WordPress forums for help in web development.

The restriction on the number of downloads depends on the membership type and this restriction is imposed to protect our interest as some people with malicious intent of leeching the products on different platforms. The number of downloads is clearly mentioned in the membership plan. The monthly membership will allow you to download 20 themes/plugins in a day. The half-yearly membership allows you to download 30 products per day. Similarly, the yearly membership enables you to download 40 themes/plugins/add-ons in a day. This limit exceeds in lifetime membership wherein the person can download around 50 products in a day. So you can choose the plan according to your preference.

No, these products can’t be resold or leeched via online or offline mode. Anyone violating our terms of use or trying to harm the goodwill or interests of GPL Theme is entitled as violator/spammer, and strict actions can be taken. That person will be banned from our support.

Well, there is no limitation on the usage of our products. After purchasing it one time, you can use it as many times as you want. Moreover, if your colleague or friend requires that theme/plugin, then you can share it without any second thought.

Our all products are licensed under General Public License, which means that our GPL themes and plugins are purchased from a third party, and we have the authority to redistribute them on our terms and conditions.

Moreover, the membership price that you pay for unlimited access is used to maintain consistency and functionality. Also, the same funds can help in accumulating funds for new plugins. This way, we invest one time in buying the products and then invest a small amount in maintaining it. This technique of crowdfunding can help in redistributing the most popular GPL themes and plugins on our platform.